T61p locked after bios update.


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15 Mai 2008
Hi all!

First of all, I am very very sorry for using English here.
But I have real emergency situation and hope that You will understand.
(I do live in Berlin, but my German is not good enough to explain the issue).

Here is some brief information:

My hardware:
ThinkPad T61p 6457-5GG notebook (unfortunately I don't
remember which previous version of BIOS it had) with Linux Gentoo distribution.

The problem:
My laptop is locked after SUCCESSFUL (??) BIOS update.

And now, more deeply:

Yesterday I have updated my BIOS using "BIOS Upgrade CD", which
I have of course downloaded from the official site (www.lenovo.de) by using
their "search by product number" feature to find appropriate updates
for my model.

The downloaded iso was named: 7luj17uc.iso (bytesize: 6,139,904).
New BIOS Version: 7LETB7WW.

I've strictly followed all recommendations from their
"readme first" file. Important notice: I didn't set up any BIOS passwords for my laptop
and I did successfully entered BIOS setup program a few times in the past
before this cruel BIOS update.

So, according to the message from BIOS Update tool,
the operation has finished successfully. The machine has rebooted and started to
boot Linux without any problem. For some reason I've decided to check
some BIOS options in BIOS setup and then I've made a reboot once again.

As soon as BIOS logo appeared, I've pressed f2, but got some nasty password
prompt with small padlock icon in the left corner of the screen. I've just entered
empty passwords three times in a row without any luck, and then it has LOCKED.

Now I cannot enter BIOS setup and (which is much worse) I also cannot proceed with boot process.
For some strange reason, the system keeps pissing me off by
displaying that funny padlock icon on the left and asking for the password.
I repeat: I am absolutely sure that I didn't have any BIOS passwords before the update.

I have extracted ThinkPad's harddrive, connected it to another PC and dumped all its partitions to
some external backup storage. So, the data is safe, But my question is:
How to get the laptop back to normal state?

I've already googled through a bunch of "I forgot my bios password for T61p" situations, and
have realized that most likely I am in some deep sh#$@t. May be some of You has a solution,
or at least some contact information of the closest (to Berlin, Germany) Lenovo Technical Service
Center where I can get some quick help.

Anyway, thank You for Your time.


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23 Apr. 2006
outch - that's really a real f*ck!

try this: Lenovo Service Locator to find a Service Center nearby.

the protection of the BIOS password of Thinkpads is quit good, so it may not be eays to get rid of this crap.

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